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One of the greatest challenges in walking this new path of choice is the removing of cliché which is the norm in the religious circles. In order to communicate with others when asked, what is your spiritual beliefs? I refused to use Bible quotes, or quotes from ministers or authors, not even the many songs embedded in my mind. What words will I use to talk? This is a new war of the mind, and I wasn’t prepared for it. I found my self stuttering for a way to say what was real for me and how that might be different from the typical religious walk. Me before and Me after. Now the war was with the two me’s. I now have to communicate with my own words, feelings and experiences, not someone else. At this juncture of my life I realized that much of the etherial experience in God had no earthly words to describe them. This problem still plagues me when talking to someone of what I refer to as our life next door. Actually the same place not same time and huge freedom of spirit.

The war between myself doesn’t disturb me much anymore but at first it kept me reaching for something. Then there came a new day when I began to stop and listen. When I do this there is always an answer and though I can’t communicate it to others I understand and behave accordingly.

It seems that I need to make a statement at this point for clarification . One of the most important discoveries made in my quest, is that this walk is mine. No one else can walk it, my relationship with god is mine, I can’t give it to others. Each of us must find our own walk, and relationship with God because in the end you or I and only I alone account for my life, here or here after.

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