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Shedding the trappings of religion was an attempt to remove all influences from my walk from outside my self. I’m uncertain that is possible but, I had made up my mind and heart that God began this walk by telling me he existed which means that God speaks to us. Well this set up the walk to be a one on one experience me following after God.

It was no easy task to go on this path, because it seamed that at every turn there was someone who just had to tell me about Jesus. It became a fight within myself I actually had to make a stand against someone else trying to get involved in my heart and soul. I became angry at the religion that was constantly in my face, it took some learning to adjust my feelings and bring my soul to a place of rest. Then religious or not doesn’t matter, I found again the place that was intended for me to walk. Please don’t think that I hate religion, I just hate it for me. There are some well-meaning people out there but it is not what I have been shown.

At this time walking with God became less work and more joy. It is supposed to bring you life and that more abundantly, well it has my inner man is making discoveries every day and looking forward to the day I can step in to the next life. I am unsure of exactly when or even how God changed my understanding but I soon found that I was not walking WITH God but IN God. I in God and God in me, how cool is that. Oh! I have read that and heard other speed the words, but to walk out of me walking with God to God walking in me….. it became a flow of awareness that can’t be explained in earthly terms. I suppose this is why there is such a great use of parables through out spiritual history. It can be frustrating, because when you run into a misunderstanding it is usually impossible to form words that will express the answer. In time though when understanding grows there will be given a way. Lets face it though not everyone is ready to hear truth. To most truth is a relative term, not so with God.

There still remains a desire to point others to a road less traveled this may be normal considering I only need one thing as we walk this road.

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